our stories

Our work contributes to the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals, 1, 3,5 & 8 and We are really proud of the kind of change we are creating.

  • We have trained 30 Young women Social Entrepreneurs & Innovators
    – 70% of whom are Refugees
    Through our Social Entrepreneurship
    – Program with a 98% Graduation Rate

  • – 500+ Individuals
    Directly impacted through the Social Ventures established by our Social Entrepreneurs.

  • – 2,545 Girls, Boys and Community Leaders
    Empowered with Reproductive and Menstrual information
    And Skills on how to make their own Reusable Sanitary Pads
    Through our Project rePAD.

  • – 41 Empowered
    Through our Vocational and Hand on Skills;
    Tailoring & Handcrafts Trainings

  • – 2 Villages Impacted
    Through our Safe Mum Pilot

Lets Hear from our beneficiaries

Nabukenya Lilian

I would like to thank Team Imagine Her for their excellent Charity, perfessionalism, and humanity expecially in the occasions when I must have asked what could have been the future for a high school dropout like me in this highly challenging world! At a time when I thought life had ended for me, (because I was unable to improvise even the most cheapest essential needs and there would be no one to lend me asympathetic ear), I have drastically learned hands on skills on entrepreneurship through craft making, business skills training, banking amongst other skills. Many many thanks again for everything dear Club Imagine Her. You are for a brilliant cause

Nabukenya Lilian
23 years old & mother of one


I used to give up so easily, today I use challenges to get opportunities. Through the expertise of the people of this Women Organiztaion (Imagine Her), I now understand my self worth. I express my sincere and heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for your highly professional and competent services. Your programs are much more important to all of us in the local communities of Uganda

23 years old

Mezeres Namugenyi

I am so honored to be part of a distinguished organization of this kind, I would not have had this great exposure, empowerment and self esteem. Imagine Her has enabled me to gain self confidence. I have learned how to speak in public and through the Social Change Incubator am able to speak and write in English; something I thought I would never achieve because I dropped out of school but above all it has supported me to turn my challenges into opportunities through coming up with numerous business ideas and implementing them

Mezeres Namugenyi
25 years old & mother of four children


Before I joined Imagine Her for the Social Change Incubator enterprise, I came with raw ideas and only thought that business is all about making money only. However, thanks to Imagine Her that has helped me realise my ability to identify the problems in my community and solve them through the need that is around using my business. Also my self esteem and confidence was extremely low but now am able to stand amidst people, pitch my ideas and interact with the different people.

19 years old